Here Are The Top Five Weirdest Food Trends To Hit During Lockdown

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With almost everywhere, easing up on lockdown restrictions and most of heading back out into the big wide world (by that I mean, back to the office), gone are the days of whipping up strange recipes because Tiki's Tok told us to.

As sad as it might be, we would like to honour some some of our favourite and most ridiculous food trends to hit it and quit it during lockdown. 

Firstly, let's pay ur respects to our favourite whipped beverage. 

1. Dalgona Coffee 


This random coffee whipping trend, which encouraged people to aggressively whip their coffee to make it float to the top of the glass, for some reason had us all mesmerised. Why, you might ask? Because COVID-19, that's why. Nothing needs to make sense during this chaotic time and I guess, this is why Dalgona Coffee was born.

2. Banana Bread 

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This one is a little less weird. For years we have collected old bananas and frozen them with the intention of making banana bread, waiting for the perfect opportunity to prove to ourselves that it was worth storing those black bananas for six long months. Finally, the time came... and then left... really quickly. 

3. Pancake Cereal 

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We're back to weird again. To be honest, I don't know why I hadn't thought of this earlier because frankly, it's genius. Pancakes, but SMALL. Personally, I think someone wanted an excuse to eat a full stack of pancakes without feeling guilty, so shrinking them into tiny bite sized cakes of deliciousness and throwing some fruit & milk on top, was the natural solution. Seriously though, not mad about this one. 

4. Mug Cake

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This one has been around for yonks but made a welcome comeback through the power of Tik Tok. This one took off because of how darn easy they are to make and how quickly these cups of chocolate heaven satiate that dessert craving that never seems to go away. I think we can all blame these literal cup-cakes for the extra kilos we're carrying. 

5. Sourdough Bread 

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With people ransacking the shelves for pasta and other carbi goodness, we somehow travelled back in time to the Middle Ages, when everyone pretty much survived on bread and water.  Although, this particular trend seemed to be quite popular with the boys. I don't know what the correlation is between guys and sourdough, but us ladies have zero qualms returning to a house that smells like Bakers Delight. This one can stay. 


Some of these are truly delicious and were good for a time when most of us relied on emotional eating to get through a long day stuck at home. Unfortunately, some of these will disappear once again, only to return when they're truly needed once again.

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Georgie Marr

8 July 2020

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Georgie Marr

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