Here Are The Five Trendiest Indoor Plants Of 2020

Because plants are the new babies...

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It seems as though one of the most common trends of 2020, is filling your house or apartment with as much greenery as physically possible. 

Vacant spot in the living room? How about a spot of greenery? Bathroom looking a little too sterile? How about adding a hanging plant to give the room a splash of colour? 

Now that many of us are working from home, it's so important to ensure we enjoy the space we are in and what better way to do this than to surround your new workspace with botanical bliss.  

Not only do plants have air-purifying properties to ensure you're breathing in fresh air all day, but they're also down-right trendy if used tastefully. 

So with some inspo from our friends at Bamboo Down Under we have gone ahead and provided a list of five, must-have indoor plants for you to consider. First and in my opinion, the best...

1. Fiddle leaf
2. Philodendron Rojo Congo
3. Monsteria deliciosa
4. White Butterfly 
5. Giant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia nicolai)

These five stunning indoor plants will not only bring your house to life, but they're aesthetically pleasing and trendy as hell. 

Hit up the team at Bamboo Down Under to create your own Indoor Oasis!


It'll make staying home so much easier and will have you super tempted to cancel your lunch plans, especially with nature taking up homage in your living room. 

"Sorry Mum, I'm staying home with the plants."


In Association With Bamboo Down Under Wongawallan

22 July 2020

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In Association With Bamboo Down Under Wongawallan

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