Here Are The Easter Eggs In Taylor Swift's Video For 'Me!'


26 April 2019

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Praise Taylor, it's here. The song AND video for Taylor Swift's new pastel fantasy era dropped today and like lightning, we're onto the hidden messages in the clip.

Let's start with Karyn the snake. She gives us one more hiss and then bursts into a bunch of butterflies. Thanks for the good times Karyn. This signifies Taylor evolving from her reputation era into this new, pastel filled, rainbow driven era.


Then there's the Dixie Chicks. A painting of them appears on the wall, right when Taylor talks about 'Cool Chicks' - they're on the album for sure.


"I know that I went psycho on the phone..." Yes, she told us the old Taylor was DEAD!

This person looks suss. We've got an inkling this is actually Taylor herself in SFX makeup!


'You can't spell Awesome without ME!'. The word awesome has been popping up all over the place - is this another single or the album name?


Taylor said she's dropped a HUGE secret into the video, something she's been keeping on the DL for a while. Guess who got a new kitty cat?


'Lover'! The name of another song on the album?


Have you spotted any more easter eggs? Drop them in the comments!

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