Here Are The Best Pics From The Blood Moon

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Rich Pixel Photography

If you looked up in the sky you would have seen a very cool sight. A super blood moon was in the sky and it was worth the wait. We hope you drove to a dark spot in Canberra to get the best view. If not don't worry. 

We've picked our fave pics from some local Canberra photographers and have put them all in one location for you. Trust and believe they are amazing. 

Credit: Rich Pixel Photography

This image has been edited slightly but how good is the view. Canberra really is a beautiful place and this image captures it perfectly. We love the lights of the bridge over the lake.

Credit: Mel Mengelkamp

Shot from a far, we love this pic of the blood moon. You can really see how bright the moon is in the sky. 

Credit: SuzieZPhotography

You can see the eclipse finishing in this photo. The contrast between the 'normal' moon colour and the red is very cool. 

Credit: Chris Chia

We love this shot of the moon as it rises. Locally shot in a suburb of Canberra, you can see how low the moon was and how red it was in the early evening. 

Credit: Glenn Martin

How clear is the moon in this image?! It is amazing. You can really see why they call it a blood moon! 

27 May 2021

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