Here Are Some Of The Must See Things At White Night

It’s going to be an amazing evening.

Bree Gashparac

16 February 2018

Bree Gashparac

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White Night is back for another year this Saturday 17th and is set to be jam packed with art installations, projections and fun things to do.

Here are some of the best things to check out throughout the night

1. Melbourne, Meet Your New Train

You’ll be able to wander through a life-size train model of our new trains at Birrarung Marr. Doesn’t sound that cool yet? How about the model lit up with a SILENT DISCO!


2. The Serpent Mother 

Head to Melbourne Museum Plaza to watch this incredible sculpture come to life. The 50-metre kinetic will put on a show accompanied by coloured bursts of fire.


3. The White Knight Messenger

After being a hit at the 2017 event, the Messenger returns. It’s five metres high and is a beautiful sight over the crowds. You’ll find him at Carlton Gardens.


4. Birdmen

Another roamer will be these eery creatures which will cascade over crowds during the night. Their colours will change as they wander around too.

5. Phantasmagoria

This set up is perfect for kids and the kids at heart. A bunch of giant toys will line-up at Carlton Gardens Central Boulevard and create quite the display!


6. UKI: Utility Kinetic Insect

After a trip to the USA, this Melbourne-made mutant insectoid will shine bright in Carlton Gardens. It is stimulated by its environment so you can expect motion as you pass by.


7. Snow Lane 

You won’t need to travel to experience Winter snow. Little Bourke Street will become a dreamy wonderland will snow machines and special effects lighting. There will also be snow crystal performers.

8. High Vaultage

The Arts Centre’s incredible Australian Music Vault will open to fans and welcoming everyone to create their own music and entertain the audience. The iconic sphere will also light up to become a radio tower.


For more information and a full program, go to


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