Help For Premature Babies


30 August 2017

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This has all the feels!

It is often a tough start to life for premature babies, but in Melbourne there's a great cause helping them to snuggle into life nicely.

Octopus for a Preemie sees volunteers make soft cotton toys for premature babies in hospitals - but it's a bigger, worldwide movement of crocheting, as we found out.

Victorian co-ordinator Jacqui Spiteri says they only make the octopus toys and it's all because of their unique tentacles, a concept that started in Denmark.

The Mitcham local explains that the tentacles are spiralled and made to feel like umbilical cords.

“Babies like to hold onto the cord in the womb so the octopus is made to feel similar", she told Leader Newspaper.

“It also gives the preemies something else to hold onto instead of pulling at any cords which might be attached to them in their crib.”

The group has more than 2,000 members around Australia.

Box Hill Hospital, Monash Hospital and the Mercy Hospital for Women all have had 100 per cent cotton octopus donations.

But, the group wants your help to get them into more hospitals around the country.

Octopus for a Preemie asks, anyone who loves to knit, or crochet, or has a bit of time to get in contact and help out where they can.

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