Heidi speaks out about the issues with Australian clothing sizes

And how they SHOULDN'T define you!

15 September 2017

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Today Heidi spoke out on air about THESE pair of new shorts.

"At first I was angry & guttered but now I'm going to use that emotion to spread the very important message that your clothes size should never define you...Today I went shopping to buy some new denim short shorts, #daisydukes style as my old ones are getting a bit daggy.

I went back to same shop as last year & tried on the exact same size that I purchased last season & they were miles too small!!! ha ha I know..the worst possible thing to happen all different thoughts ran through my head & I instantly went to bag myself with negative thoughts. "how could I be so fat?" "how can I be a size 12 last season & a size 16 this season?"

Then in a moment of clarity I looked at myself in the mirror & said "F#@* it, what's a size? These daisy dukes look smokin hot"

"So I decided to test some sizes out in the next shop I walked into. I tried their denim short shorts on & their size 16 was too big!!! I then tried the size 14 & they were still a little loose..... So then I tried the size 12, they were a little tight... but they fit!!!! Ha ha
BAM sizes are absolute bull!!! The moral to this story is don't let your clothes size define you or trigger you!!! Whether it's a size 4 or 24... rock what you've got.
You have one life, enjoy it & wear your size with pride."


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