Don't Enjoy Working Out? These Little Tips From Heidi Are For You!

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14 May 2019

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On the list of things I’d rather do than exercise, “everything” is number one.

I don’t enjoy it. I would literally rather do anything else. And I know you’re thinking, “none of us enjoy it,” but this is different. Sure, maybe you don’t enjoy it but you can ignore that, be an adult and just smash it out anyway. Then there is what I’m talking about, where any excuse to avoid it is fine. My most recent? I didn’t need to exercise last night because my heart was racing enough during Game of Thrones.”

I want to change. I know that if I do, I’ll feel amazing afterwards. I know I’ll do worlds of good for my body. I’ll add years to my life. I’ll sweat out all my inner weekend demons.

But most importantly, I know that exercising will have an incredibly positive impact on my mental health. So rather than scare me off with a painful pump class or scary F45 challenge, I decided to dip my toe, asking Heids for some of her best tips to help me get started.

Trick Yourself!
We all love catching up with friends, but rather than grabbing a coffee or sitting down to lunch, lock in a walking date! Often the chats will keep you distracted, and before you know it you’ve knocked over a few kilometres and caught up on all the goss. Multi-tasking!

Here are some gorgeous walking trails to explore with your bestie –
Scarborough-Trigg Heritage Trail
Law Walk
Matilda Bay Reserve

Set a fun goal
Try signing up for a fun walk or run with some friends! It give’s you something to work towards, an excuse to catch up on the reg, and you’ll feel great about raising some funds for a good cause!

How about -
HBF Run for a Reason

Don’t over complicate it
I exercise for my mental health. I find allowing 20-45 minutes a day to exercise helps me train not to lose weight or get abs, but to be the best version of me. You can find some great apps or online workouts to help you train in the comfort of your living room or local parks!

Try –
Couch to 5k
Yoga with Adriene

Keep yourself focussed – or distracted!
Music can be an incredible motivator, to help keep you focussed. But I also love getting lost in a great podcast to keep me distracted. Often my workout flies when I use Music or Podcasts to help keep me in the zone, whichever works best for me that day.

Here are some of our fave podcasts right now –
Mum says my memoir is a lie
Scamming the Scammer
Hamish & Andy

Do what you love
Loving what you do is really important! If you sign up to a gym, but hate training alone, you might not want to go. Get around things you love and enjoy, and it might not feel like working out at all.

How about –
Getting a friend to sign up with you?
Trying something different – like Reformer Pilates, HBF Free Group Fitness Sessions, or join a social netball team
Make the most of free trials! Try before you buy, so when you do commit, you know it’s to something you’ll want to go back to again and again.

HBF Run for a Reason Sunday 19 May 2019. For information and to register go to

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