Heatwave leads to record power usage

Afternoon air-con blamed

19 January 2017

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South-east Queenslanders weren't shy about turning on their air conditioners yesterday, with residents breaking the record for electricity use.

Energex recorded the highest ever demand for power on its network on at 4:30pm Wednesday, breaking the record set on February 15, 2010.

The network hit a peak of 4,812 megawatts, 52 megawatts more than seven years ago, with the finger pointed at those of us who returned home from work and reached straight for the air con remote.

Energex's Executive General Manager for Service Delivery Jeff Philipson said the difference is the equivalent of another 10,000 homes on the network.

"Air conditioning usually makes up about 40 to 50 percent of our electricity load these really hot days," he said.

According to Mr Philipson, Enegex can handle the increased capacity, but he's encouraging everyone to use the air con as efficiently as possible so they don't get a shock when the bill comes.

"The most efficient temperature to run them at is 24 degrees," he said.

"We also encourage people to check their air-con filters are clean because a dirty filter can make the appliance work much harder than it should".

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