Heatwave Is Here - Are You Fire Ready?

Greg Williamson Gives Details

26 November 2018

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Forecasted heatwave for the weekend | November 24-26. BoM have predicted extreme heatwave conditions with temperatures predicted to reach up to 37 degrees over the forecasted period.

Rach caught up with Greg Williamson today to get more info on how to be fire ready!


➡️ Council encourages the community to:
> Stay hydrated – drink water regularly
> Keep out of the heat as much as possible, particularly between 11am and 3pm
> Wear lightweight, light coloured, loose, porous clothes
> Look after your animals
> Ensure babies, young children and the elderly are ok

➡️ Useful links:
> Queensland Health – qld.gov.au/emergency/dealing-disasters/heatwave
> Bureau of Meterology – bom.gov.au/australia/heatwave/about.shtml
> Council Emergency Dashboard – mackay.qld.gov.au/emergencydashboard


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