Heated Dog Beds Exist, Because Doggos Deserve The #GoodLife Too

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Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

14 November 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We all love cuddling up under a snuggly blanket or laying atop the electric blanket on our beds when the cold gets too much for us to handle, but what about our doggos?

Everyone always goes on about how ‘dogs have a thick coat and will be fine’, but NO, our pups need the luxe treatment, too, which is why we’re currently obsessing over these heated dog beds!

There are a tonne of them on the market and they’re definitely a worthwhile investment for when the colder nights come ‘round. 

You can get self-warming beds, that adjust to your dog’s standard body temperature to keep them warm (or cool) while they nap: 


There's also ones with internal thermostats to keep the temp extra warm enough if it’s extra cold. 

Many pet owners have raved about beds like these, saying they help their elderly cats or dogs who suffer from arthritis and joint pain! 

If you’re in search for one of these for your pet, here are some helpful links to find a few:





Consult your vet before using any product with heating pads with puppies/kittens, convalescent pets, during surgery/surgery recovery, or any animal that cannot voluntarily remove themselves from the heated pad area.


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