Health Officials Warn Face Masks Could Be Here To Stay

"We should get used to this"

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Health officials have warned that face masks could become the new normal in Tasmania.

They were introduced last week after the state went into a three-day snap lockdown, and are still required in most outdoor settings.

It’s predicted that the mask mandate would end at 6 pm on Friday, along with a number of other restrictions.

Health officials warn face masks could be here to stay

But Tasmanian Covid Vaccine Operations Commander Dale Webster says we could see them return once the state opens its borders to the country.

“I think as we move through opening up the state over the next few months we should get used to this being one of the restrictions that could be applied.”

The state is predicted to open borders with the rest of Australia once the double-dose vaccination rate hits 80 percent.

Premier Peter Gutwein confirmed the Government would unveil their reopening plan later this week which would outline how the state would handle possible outbreaks once restrictions and borders are lifted.

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19 October 2021

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