Health Minister Slams ‘Freedom of Choice’ Rally

"They're moving through hotspots"

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The Health Minister has hit back at the truck drivers who blocked south-bound traffic on the M1 at Reedy Creek on Monday.

Truckies are angry over lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and border restrictions.

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Yvette D'Ath says given the lockdowns interstate truckies have much greater freedoms and still pose a threat.

“They’re able to move back and forth over borders when many many other people around this country cant, and we know there’s a risk. They’re going to distribution centres, they’re moving through hotspots and into other jurisdictions.”

However interstate truck driver Liam says we can expect more protest action on the border.

“We hate to inconvenience people, but the buck needs to stop somewhere and we’re willing to make it stop with us.”

On Monday truck drivers blockaded the major highway with their vehicles around Caltex Reedy Creek for the “Freedom of Choice” rally before leading a convoy southbound causing major traffic delays.

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31 August 2021

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