Health Authorities Scramble To Trace Mystery Covid Case Before Major Outbreak

How far has it spread?

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Contract tracers are still working to find the origins of a mystery Covid case.

The woman in her 50’s from Fitzgibbon got tested after experiencing mild symptoms, although she has no known links to any existing clusters.

Health authorities scramble to trace mystery Covid case before major outbreak

The woman had been in the community for ten days while infectious and anyone with mild symptoms, especially those in the Fitzgibbon, Redcliffe, Cannon Hill, and Chermside are being urged to get tested.

New exposure sites have been listed on the Queensland Health website which includes Skygate Transit Taven at the airport and a 7-eleven in Northlakes.

Epidemiologist Professor Nancy Baxter says mystery Covid cases are extremely worrying.

“They are extraordinarily concerning, they’re actually really the most concerning cases, because this may not turn into anything, but when we’ve seen the cases get out of control, certainly in Victoria, it was from cases that didn’t have an easily linkable source.

Professor Baxter said that the best way to stop impending outbreaks was to get vaccinated.

“Queensland has had a lot of cases, and I must say they need to get their vaccination rate up, because sadly it’s only a matter of time before they run out of luck in terms of those cases and end up like Melbourne or Sydney.”

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4 October 2021

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