The Final Countdown!

HBF Run For A Reason

21 May 2018

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The final countdown is on as we head in to the last few days leading up to the HBF Run for a Reason.

 Are you excited? We’re excited!

 Whether you’re gearing up for the 4km, 12km or Half Marathon, most of you would have been training hard over the last few weeks (or event months!).

 You’ve come this far, so let us help you with some final prep! We had a chat to World Iron Champ, Emily Loughnan and she gave us her ‘5 R’s’ ahead of the Run this Sunday!

1. Reduce the volume, retain the frequency!

Emily says that it can be tempting to retain your full training program the week before the race, but it’s important to reduce your volume of exercise so you don’t wear yourself out.

“The risk of overcooking yourself is far greater than any mental and physical boost a final validation session may give,” she explains

You’ve put in the hard yards, now cool off a bit - you deserve it! 

2. Rev up!

Even though we want you to cool off a bit, make sure to keep some of your higher intensity work; this is key in the taper phase! “Maintain some higher intensity segments in your sessions right up until race day,” says Loughnan. “Make sure you decrease the duration of each intense effort and the duration of the overall session whilst increasing your rest intervals.

3. Relax and refresh the mind!

“Now is not the time to compare yourself to other runners or fret over what you have or haven’t done!” says Loughnan.

It's now is your time to relax, recuperate and maintain ahead of the big run.

4. Rest!

Loughnan says many athletes find themselves struggling to sleep in the final days before a race. “Accept this is normal,” she says. “Try to bank as much sleep as possible early in the week and trust in your body to perform on race day.”

5. Relish the excitement and anticipation as race day nears!

“The hard work is in the bank and it is now time to have some fun!” says Loughnan.

And she’s right … you’ve been training hard and preparing yourself, and the moment is almost here! Cool down and unwind a bit, congratulate yourself and remember the reason why you are running.

Good luck!

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