Hamish & Paris Finally Get Kevin Bacon On The Show!

Hear the chat below...

26 August 2018

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Inspired by the game 6 degrees of Kevin – in which you attempt to link any actor in any movie to Kevin Bacon in 6 movie moves – Hamish and Paris decided to get Kevin on the phone in only 6 calls.

Their first call was to our LA-based Scoopla correspondent Dean McCarthy, who directed the pair to Kevin’s manager Stacey. Unfortunately that was a dead end, leaving Hamish and Paris with only 4 more calls to track Kevin down.

The next 2 calls were also unrewarding, but the 5th call to Keswick Theatre – where Kevin and his brother Michael recently played – gave the pair some hope. The theatre directed Hamish and Paris to the Bacon brother’s promoter.

After some back-and-forth email correspondence with the promoter, and only 1 call left, Hamish and Paris FINALLY dialled Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael.

Listen to the catch up below to hear how it all went down… 


Motivated by their success, Paris composed a rap about the journey which you can listen to below…

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