Hamish Blake Has Another Exciting New Project For Us All To Enjoy

He's teaming up with Sam Wood!

6 July 2017

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Image: @hamishblakeshotz Instagram

So not only has Hamish Blake made a new fragrance to celebrate his best mate Andy Lee, he's now stepping into the wellness sphere and becoming a mindfulness coach!

The comedian and radio presenter has teamed up with former Bachelor Sam Wood to guide mindfulness exercises for his online health program and this actually sounds amazing!

Who wouldn't want to hear the soothing voice of Hamish during your meditation time?!

Oh, we should probably also mention that he will be known as Zensai Blake from now on.


Zensai Blake will be teaching his eager students how to destress and improve sleep and as he explained to myBody+Soul, show them how important it is for them to "switch off".

“Of course I have no ‘official’ mindfulness training but I love what Sam and his team do as being able to smile and switch off is so important.

"It’s great to show people that meditation can be effective in a fun and simple way."

Sam also told the publication that Zensai Blake will be "narrating some professionally written mindfulness articles with a humorous Hamish twist" alongside psychotherapist Timothea Goddard and yoga practitioner Annemaree Rowley.

So, if you've ever wanted to give meditation a go but don't know where to start, let Zensai Blake guide you into a whole new world of wellness.


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