Guzman Y Gomez's Rice Will No Longer Contain Coriander

Out with the icky!

14 March 2018

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March 14 may be just a normal day for some people but for coriander-haters, it's a day to celebrate.

Guzman y Gomez has declared that their food will be a coriander-free zone from here on out in a Facebook post that is clocking up likes faster than we can type.

"Everyone knows someone who doesn't like coriander!" the Mexican chain wrote.

"GYG have done them a favour and taken coriander out of our rice.

"GYG for everyone!" 

That means that burritos, burrito bowls and enchiladas will no longer automatically have the world's most divisive herb mixed in, allowing the 10 per cent of people who taste soap when confronted with coriander to enjoy a controversy free lunch for once.

Customers who do like coriander won't be left out, though.

"You can still get coriander from our salsa station which is prepared fresh daily," Guzman y Gomez added.


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