Griffith Regional Theatre Gears Up For Final Stages Of Its Extreme Makeover

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Griffith Regional Theatre is getting the makeover of a lifetime with significant construction works underway on the 32-year-old facility.


The final stage of the Upgrade and Revitalisation Project, which commenced last Monday 14th October, will include a brand new amenities block, upgrades to first floor public bathrooms, a new Family Room on the ground floor, and a full makeover of all 4 dressing rooms. It will also involve construction of an open air amphitheatre, complete with seating and a performance stage on the eastern side of the building. 

Manager of Griffith Regional Theatre Raina Savage said the works will bring the facility "up to current community standards in terms of accessibility and amenity, and industry standards for professional backstage facilities".


According to Project Manager Peter Badenhorst, a big focus of the upgrades is accessibility.

“We want to ensure that all members of the community can access the theatre with comfort and dignity with new disabled facilities on both floors as well as backstage... "We are confident the new facilities will meet the needs of all theatre users and allow everyone to participate fully in the arts – as both performers and audience.”

- Mr Badenhorst

The project has already seen new air-conditioning installations, a new state of the art lighting desk, and new acoustic panelling in the auditorium.

The major disruption has been scheduled to coincide with a 3 month break in programming going into 2020. 

Ms Savage acknowledged the construction works may cause inconvenience to community members, but asked for patience, assuring that "the reward will be much more comfortable and amenable facilities for everyone". 

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Ebony Reeves

23 October 2019

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Ebony Reeves

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