A Second Use For A Local Hobart Beer Garden

A great local initiative

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A local hangout for a decent drink and entertainment pre-COVID, has now transformed into a sensational location to get your local goods. The curator of the Hanging Garden Green Grocer, Jo Cook, explained how it works. 

With the cancellation of most local markets around Hobart, this new initiative is helping struggling, small businesses sell their produce in a great location within the CBD of Hobart. The current opening hours for the Green Grocer is 9am to 2pm, Wednesday to Saturday.

“People can register online to come through at a guaranteed time they choose to shop. They have also put in place safety requirements to accommodate for walk-ins.”

The friendly staff are conducting temperature checks before patrons enter and there are multiple sanitation facilities on-hand throughout the grocer, to ensure the space is safe.

“The Green Grocer is currently going to continue indefinitely, to be a regular place for people to shop with the intentions of keeping it functional when the beer garden reopens.”

If you are interested in checking out the Hanging Garden Green Grocer, then register here.

Bonnie Ferguson

29 May 2020

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Bonnie Ferguson

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