Grant Denyer Got Kicked Out Of The Star Casino At 4AM

And then called in sick

Carly Heading

7 June 2018

Carly Heading

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Oh Grant, Grant, Grant…. where do we even begin with you.

In case you have been living under a rock, our very own Grant Denyer just wrapped up his very successful show, Family Feud.  

It has been a tough week for Grant.

And yes, we know what you are thinking… every good wrap up of a show needs a good party… and well, knowing Grant… of course that’s what he did!

He also may have gone a little bit overboard and no, we aren’t talking about the $97 million yacht, (even though that did happen) we are talking about the fact that he got kicked out of the Star Casino.

Well, listen… if you are gonna do it, you are gonna do it right.

Family Feud is still on our screens until July and you can catch it Sunday-Friday at 6PM on Ten.

Missed Em, Grant & Ed this morning? Catch up below.

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