GOT’s ‘Theon’ Grew Some Balls & Called Out A Lying Fan

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Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

3 September 2017

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Game Of Thrones may be over for another year or so, until we’re graced with the eighth and final season, but we’re still hyped after that juicy season 7 finale…


One of the characters we definitely got to see a different side of this season was Theon Greyjoy

Yeah, he’s the guy we love and hate, and like to throw food at when he’s made a sh@# choice, but in the end he has turned out good. 

And while he might not have any balls on the show, he just proved he’s got some IRL and called out a fan in the most hilarious way. 


17-year-old Olivia Bowes spotted the actor who plays Theon, Alfie Allen, in a UK Selfridges store and snapped a pic with him. 

She shared it to Instagram and captioned the pic, “Unlike Theon I grew some balls and asked for a photo.”


But when Alfie found the pic on Instagram after being tagged in it, he decided to call her out (jokingly) for her little lie. 

Alfie repled to her post, saying, “Actually your mum asked for you.”

It was all in good humour, because Olivia then replied, “Shhh then my caption doesn’t work as well.”


Fans loved Alfie’s “EPIC” burn and couldn’t contain their laughter, posting a stream of hilarious comments on the post. 

We love seeing our fave Game of Thrones stars interact with fans in the real world.

It’s truly something special. 

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