GOT: How To Fake Your Way To Fandom In An Hour

You had two years..

15 April 2019

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So you had two years to get it together and you blew it. 

Today is the day of Season 8's release and it's absolute pandemonium around you with fans losing their minds over what you have NO context for. Suddenly, you're isolated and need to crawl your way back in. 

You're never going to catch up in a hurry- I think it's something like 96 hours of straight viewing to get around it and it's clear you can't commit so I've found THIS video for you. All 7 seasons crammed into an hour long video. 


If you have no plans, or are at home, get cracking on it now!!!

If you're in the office today, here's my suggestion to you:

Step 1: Book a meeting room for an hour.

Step 2: Walk swiftly to the meeting room with your head down.

Step 3: Consume the knowledge and take notes where required. 

Step 4: Re-emerge with a smug face and join in on the chaos. 

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