Goondiwindi Outbreak Sparks Surge In Local Demand For The Jab

Vaccine hesitance is decreasing

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A Goondiwindi chemist says those who are hesitant about the Covid vaccine are coming forward to get the jab after a rise in local Covid cases. 

There’s been a surge in people under the age of 40 coming forward after three locally acquired cases popped up yesterday. Of those infected, two were unvaccinated and one had received one dose of AstraZeneca. 

“People who were hesitant about getting the vaccine initially have seen the value in wanting to come to get vaccinated now and then a lot of people who had delayed their second dose have now come back to see us.”

- Emma Conway speaking to the ABC

Meanwhile, the New South Wales town of Moree, south of Goondiwindi has been shut out of the border bubble following a rising Covid outbreak. The area is now classified as a restricted border zone, having so far spread to 33 cases down south. 


The restrictions mean Moree residents cannot cross into Queensland, except in exceptional circumstances including receiving essential healthcare. 

Moree's outbreak is linked to the Goondiwindi outbreak. 

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5 November 2021

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