Good Samaritan Rewarded With Origin Jersey

Now that's a reward!!

1 March 2017

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Townsville girl Jessica-Lee Sutton discovered a set of car keys this week, but little did she know those keys were going to earn her a very unique State of Origin jersey! 

"I examined them and there was a Cowboys key ring attached to them, I instantly thought they belonged to a Cowboys supporter, one of the keys was similar to mine and I thought perhaps whoever owned the keys lived in the same complex as myself," explains Jess. 

Unfortunately Jess' theory wasn't right...but this is where it gets fun! 

Jess posted a photo of the keys onto Facebook page "Townsville Questions & Answers", and thanks to the power of social media, the keys landed in the hands of their owner...Justin O'Neill! 

Yep, Cowboys star Justin O'Neill. 


Jess had no idea that Justin played NRL, so was a little confused as to why he handed her a maroon shirt upon exchange of the keys. 

"I unfolded the jersey to examine it, it was a State of Origin jersey with all the footy players signatures on it, I was in awe of it."

Jess says since the encounter she will be paying more attention to the footy this season. 

"Since meeting Justin and receiving his kind gesture of thanks I’ll be sure to try and attend a game at some point this year."

Jess plans on framing the jersey and hopes others will learn from her experience. 

"I really hope my story of exchange with Justin sets a good example for honesty being best policy and if you do the right thing good karma will come your way."

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