Go Along To Tomorrow Man's A Night With The Blokes Workshop Tonight!

Reinventing masculinity

Amber Lowther

24 October 2018

Amber Lowther

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Blokes, gather around tonight at Kildare Catholic College Hall for the Tomorrow Man Workshop, giving men a safe space to chat to each other.

This morning, Herbie & Dane spoke to Gus Worland from Gotcha4Life about the event. 

"It's an opportunity for blokes to come together, sit in a safe place and talk about stuff - stuff we don't talk about. It's thought that men don't talk as much as women, but the thing is, we probably need a safer environment to be able to do it, rather than just chat at anywhere, any time.

"I started this about 3 years ago and I challenged masculinity and a friend of mine had taken his life and I hadn't really spoken about it for nearly a decade. One day, his wife said that she was doing a run for Lifeline, which gave family & friends an opportunity to start talking about it - it's such a taboo thing and a horrible thing to talk about," he said. 

This event is totally FREE and will have a free BBQ from 6pm, with the event commencing at 7pm-9pm.

For more information on Tomorrow Man, you can head to their website at: www.tomorrowman.com.au

Want to hear the full chat with Gus Worland on all things A Night With The Blokes? Listen here: 

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