Glenferrie Road Level Crossing Delays Continue To Disrupt Commuters

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Residents are up in arms over the inaction to 'get on with the job' in removing the Glenferrie Road level crossing.

More than two years since the Coalition pledged $260m to Victoria's ambitious Level Crossing Removal project, the crossing at Glenferrie Road is one of only three left in Melbourne where trains, trams, cars, and pedestrians all cross. 

The City of Stonnington have put forward a business case for the proposed removal of the Glenferrie Road, Kooyong and Tooronga Road, as well as Malvern rail crossings to the state government.

The Victorian government, according to the Herald Sun, are working on the business case and associated feasibility work on removing the crossings but at a time when all three crossings can be removed in one project to limit disruption for commuters.

Member for Kooyong, Josh Frydenberg however said if the business case is indeed finished it had not been provided to the federal government. 

Stonnington Council said the project needed to be delivered “without delay” as the crossing continues to cause significant congestion and frustration for the thousands of cars and countless trams travelling on Glenferrie Road each day.


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30 August 2021

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