Girl Who Was Ditched By Her Date On The Side Of A Cliff Gets Her Happy Ending

We helped Sarah Wiley!

30 July 2018

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You may remember hearing about the poor girl who went mountain climbing wth a date, fell down the side of a cliff, injuring her hand and was then ditched by her date because he was "late for work".

It honestly sounds like the most awkward date in the world and yesterday, Stav, Abby and Matt spoke to Brian, a recreational rock climber who witnessed the girl's fall and rescued her with the help of his rock climbing mates, who just happened to work for Queensland Fire and Rescue.


On air, Brian said that it was a little awkward when the guy left the poor girl whilst she was badly injured and that it looked like a second date was definitely not on the cards for them:

This morning, however, the young woman called into Hit105's breakfast show to set the record straight and tell Stav, Abby and Matt that the entire story was blown out of proportion!

Sarah Wiley explained that she was not actually on a date with the guy she was mountain climbing with, it was just someone who she shared some similar interests with and who she'd been chatting to, but had never met before.

She also said that "everyone's job is important", so she wasn't actually concerned about the guy leaving her and that they are still in touch.

Sarah explained that since the incident, no guys had called to "be her Prince Charming", so Abby called on all the single guys on the Sunshine Coast to call up and set a date with this wonderful girl.

Funnily enough, someone did!

A guy named Nick from Nudgee, who works as a carpenter, called up to asked Sarah out on a date and we let them chat and get to know each other for a while, which was absolutely adorable:

Nick asked Sarah if she wanted to go rock climbing with him sometime, but Sarah wasn't too interested in that... for obvious reasons, so instead, Stav, Abby and Matt gave the pair some free tickets to P!nk!

So luckily, Sarah got her happy ending!

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