Gippsland Might Be Getting An Escape Room!

Are you keen to give it a go?

Amber Lowther

18 September 2018

Amber Lowther

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A fun new attraction might be about to hit Gippsland and Nick & Zoe are all for it!

An Escape Room is on the horizon and we couldn't be more excited!

If you're not sure what an escape room is, it's where a team of players must work together to find a way out of a room by solving puzzles and finding clues.

Plus, they lock the door on you. So if you're cool with that, then you need to give it a go! 

Word on the street says it could be located on Racecourse Rd in a warehouse...sounds creepy, but it's safe - WE PROMISE!

So, if you're looking for something fun to do on your school holidays or love a good puzzle, you're going to ADORE Escape Room!

If you missed Nick & Zoe chat all things Escape Room, you can listen to their catch up here: 

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