'Ginbucha' Now Exists If You’re After A Healthier Cocktail!


31 July 2018

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Electra House Hotel in Adelaide has teamed up with the folks over at South Australian functional beverage company UTONIC to create a range of new kombucha-infused gin cocktails!

Available from August 4th, General Manager Chad Hanson, has paired five zero-sugar sparkling kombuchas found at UTONIC with five gins from Electra House based on the flavour profile in each kombucha flavour.

“We’re so excited to be able to bring our healthier cocktail to Adelaide! Teaming with UTONIC and using their Kombucha allows us to make low-sugar gin cocktails, which have all the added health benefits of Kombucha,” Mr Hanson explained.

“We have worked hard to create a delicious range of sparkling kombucha that moves away from the vinegar styles of the past to appeal to a much larger market,” UTONIC’s CEO Michael Brinkley added.

Check out the five flavours:

- Pomegranate

- Lemon & Lime

- Mango

- Ginger & Turmeric

- Mixed Berry

Amongst the range is also one mocktail. 

Ginbucha’s will be available from August 4 at Electra House Hotel if you’re keen to try one!

Where: Electra House Hotel - 131 King William St, Adelaide

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