Get Your Mouth Around That Dream Smile!

Set Your Pearly Whites To Stun!

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Everyone wants that perfect smile and we’ve eaten our way through the research to give you the top 4 jaw dropping tips for making those pearly while stun with a Profilo smile.


  • The Cheesy Grin

You’ll be wanting one of these when you finally get to see your loved ones again. You know the one – big dimples, misty eyes, lots of emotional giggles.

  • The Cheshire Cat

You’ll need this when socialising is back on the agenda and your social circle expands from just you and the dog. This is the one where you’ll look like the cat who got the cream.

  • The Knowing Smile

You’ll want this one when you’re back at work. Darren will be riffing about how he ate clean the whole time and Julie will boast about how many books she managed to read. You’ll know, however, that they spent the whole time watching Netflix and eating uncooked 2 minute noodles.

  • The Full-Wattage Dazzler

This one’s rather versatile. It can be flashed on date night, when out on the town with your main squeeze. Or you can send it the way of an essential worker, to let them know they’re bloody tops. You could even pass it out at random, giving a little bit of joy to those you come across day to day. You’ll have a great smile – it’d be a shame not to use it!


Eating up those 4 tips is easy as Profilo’s sleek Invisalign approach, you’ll kick yourself you didn’t do it sooner. Now is the time to jump into Profilo Dental, the only platinum elite Invisalign provider in the Hunter Region. They know their stuff and they love helping people smile, starting with a free simulation scan to show what your new smile will look like…and easy payment plans! The world’s starting to come back out of its shell, so it’s time you did too.

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1 June 2020

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