Get Ready To Drool Over Gelato Messina's New Gelato-Filled Easter Eggs!

We'll take the lot!

15 March 2018

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Easter is getting closer and closer and the only way we really know that, is because there just seems to be more and more chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs on supermarket shelves.

Now, chocolate eggs and bunnies are great, but sometimes, don't you just wish you could enjoy a different kind of Easter egg?

What about one filled with gelato?!

This Easter, the sweet geniuses over at Gelato Messina have created their own special eggs that are filled with gelato, gooey yolks and covered in delicious chocolate!

There are three flavours to choose from and to be honest, we can't decode which one we want to try because they all sound heavenly!

Images: Gelato Messina

The first egg features a passionfruit yolk that's encased in white chocolate gelato and has a dark chocolate shell.

The second egg has a mango yolk inside cheesecake gelato white and a shell that combines caramel and white chocolate flavours.

The third egg, has a yellow peach yolk with vanilla gelato encased inside a milk chocolate shell and man, we're drooling just thinking about these tasty treats!

Now that you know what to expect, here comes the most annoying part... the price tag.

Each egg will cost you a whopping $70, no doubt because of the ingredients and if we're not mistaken, these babies aren't small!

The eggs are all supposed to fill 6-8 bellies!

However, it all just depends on whether you'd like just one glamorous egg over a thousand small chocolate eggs!

The eggs are available online from today, so whip out that credit card and pick your favourite!


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