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Located in Nicholls, The George Hardcourt Inn is a Canberra institution. It has been operating since 1983 and if you have not been there yet, we think it is the perfect place to catch up with friends and enjoy an afternoon of local wines and craft beers.  

What makes the George unique is the large outdoor dining area. Located at the front of the pub, the space is filled with plenty of tables for you to enjoy the warm weather. If you want a bit more privacy, head to the right and head up onto the grassed area where you can comfortably seat you and five other friends.

If you are lucky enough to sit inside, you will find a homely pub vibe that is memorable. You get a sense of what you are in for if you have seen the homestyle external façade of the pub.

What is on their menu? You will find typical pub meals such as Bangers and Mash, Chicken Schnitzel and some more distinctive meals such as the Steak and Guinness Pot Pie. If you are vegetarian, we recommend the Pasta or Nachos as they will fill you up. For dessert you will love what is on offer such as the English Banoffee Pie, Rocky Road Cheesecake or George Eton Mess.

On tap you there will be something new each time you go as they regularly rotate craft beers. They also have two sizes to purchase – a pint and middy. This allows you to try and taste test a bunch of beers and then settle on your favourite for a long afternoon.  

The George Hardcourt Inn is 7 days a week. On Tuesday and Wednesday they open from 3pm and on Thursday through to Monday they open at 11:30am.

Check out our recent visit to the George Hardcourt Inn:

13 November 2020

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