Get back to school safely Today

Police patrolling school zones

14 October 2018

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Police will pay special attention to school zones as children across South Australia return for Term 4.

Drivers and pedestrians passing through signed school zones on Monday can expect a highly visible police presence, including foot patrols, at both drop-off and pick-up times.

“Children and young people are extremely susceptible in the road environment, because they are less visible to drivers and have difficulty judging the speed and distance of oncoming traffic”, says Superintendent Bob Gray, Officer in Charge of Traffic Support Branch.

“The beginning of a new term brings plenty of extra traffic and activity to our roads around school grounds.

“Police are urging all drivers to exercise care, and to look out for our youngest road users, who can’t always look out for themselves.

“Observe school crossing signs, be prepared to stop quickly should a child suddenly emerge, and remember that 25km/h speed limits apply in school zones at any time that children are present, including outside of school hours”, says Supt. Gray.

Our top tips for staying safe in school zones:

  • Slow down to the 25km/h speed limit between school zone signs when children are present and at school crossings when the lights are flashing.
  • Remember a 25 km/h speed limit applies when passing, in either direction, a school bus that has stopped to pick up or set down children.
  • Make sure you park safely and legally when dropping off and collecting your children.
  • Where possible, drop children off on the same side of the road as the school or the school bus to avoid the need for children to cross the road.
  • Children can be difficult for drivers to see, especially behind a reversing vehicle, so it is vital drivers are alert at all times, including in school car parks.
  • If you are driving with children in the car, always ensure all passengers are properly restrained with a seat belt or appropriate child restraint, even if it’s a short trip ‘just around the corner’.
  • Be aware of school children during peak times at nearby rail level crossings, stations and bus stops – they can run out unpredictably.
  • Be aware of young cyclists, not just in school zones, but on surrounding roads.
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