Get A Golden Glow With These Hand-Picked Fake Tan Products!

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It's that time of year where we emerge from our shells and become way more social! With restrictions easing and Christmas parties on the horizon, we want to look like we've been getting some sun without the sun damage. We went around the grounds here at Hit Entertainment to choose some of the best fake tans on the market! 

Want to try them for yourself? Check them out here: 

If you're in a rush

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam 1 Hour Express

Why we love it: "I put it on and only leave it for 30 mins - perfect colour and lasts a good 5 days. Go for the 1 hour express. It’s quite thick and dark but so worth the 30 mins of gross. I put it on before bed, shower and in the morning it’s perfect."

If you want to try the latest craze

Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam

Why we love it: "This tan has everything and I understand why everyone is loving it right now! It even has anti-ageing and anti-cellulite technology, so I'm sold!"

If you like hydration

St. Tropez Self Tan Extra Dark Mousse 

Why we love it: "The original and the best. Has been my number one for many years."

If you like to workout

Minetan Workout Ready Self Tan Foam

Why we love it: "I always avoid working out if I'm tanned because I don't want it to sweat off, but this has changed everything for me and means I can workout without stressing about my tan!"

If you want a flawless tan

Why we love it: "I love the Bondi Sands Dark Foam. It's long-lasting and has a nice tinge to it. Other tans have made me more yellow or green in the past, but this one looks more natural"

If you want your face to match

Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water

Why we love it: "It's great for the skin - especially oily and blemish-prone types, it smells nice and doesn't make you look orange. It's that natural tan that we all want for our face!" 

If you want to take it off

Why we love it: "This is a game changer! In the early days of fake tan, we had to SCRUB and try insane internet remedies, so this is a lifesaver!" 

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Amber Lowther

26 October 2021

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Amber Lowther

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