Georgia Love Has Reacted To Those Laura Look-A-Like Comparisons

Do you think they look similar?

Zoe P

28 July 2017

Zoe P

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During this morning’s Studio 10 show, former Bachelorette Georgia Love revealed how it feels to watch Matty J and his bachelorette’s talk about her on TV

A regular on the panel, Matty J’s ex burst out laughing after being shown a video meme highlighting the physical comparisons made between herself and contestant Laura.


She then talked about how weird it was suddenly being brought up in conversations while she's watching the show. 

“I’m sitting there with a glass of wine, I’m having dinner with a friend watching one of my favourite shows, and then a guy and a girl on a date start talking about me.

“He was on a date with Elora, who I think is just beautiful, and she asked about me which was just really weird watching someone on a date talk about you."

Although it may have felt strange to watch, Georgia wasn't uncomfortable with what they actually said. 

“She asked whether he, I suppose, was ‘over me’ and whether I was still in the picture. And it was actually a really lovely moment cus he wished me well… It was lovely and she was really lovely."

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With only six months between the end of her season and the start this one, Georgia revealed she hasn’t kept in contact with Matty.


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