Fuel Prices Skyrocket To $1.65 A Litre In Adelaide


Emma Charlton

13 September 2018

Emma Charlton

Article heading image for Fuel Prices Skyrocket To $1.65 A Litre In Adelaide

You'll either be glad you've already filled up the car or be kicking yourself for not doing it.

The price of Unleaded petrol has surged to $1.65 a litre across SA, the highest cost in four years.

While a handful of servos still have it listed as $1.36, most are around $1.52 and up to $1.65.

Cars have started to line up at those offering pump prices at the lower end this morning.

Mark Borlace from the RAA says "it's come off a relatively cheap month last month so this may be the industry trying to claw back some of the margin that they didn't get last month".

Peak prices are likely to hover around there until early next week.

"The peaks have lasted between four and seven to eight days, more recently they've been shorter so you may get a peak at three or four days" Mr Borlace said.

The inner North and North Western suburbs remain your best bet for a lower price at the pump.

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