‘Freedom’ Rally Held In Silence At Gold Coast Council Chambers

COVID-19 peaceful protest

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Kyle Wisniewski

Dozens of 'freedom' protesters gathered out the front of Gold Coast Council Chambers on Tuesday morning in a COVID-related rally. 

The 'silent protest' on Bundall Rd was largely about mandatory vaccinations and restrictions with the group chanting “freedom.”

The Queensland Briefing

Blockades had been erected to prevent vehicles driving to the front of the council chambers, while police officers guarded the entry points.

The protesters, including elderly and parents with young children kept their backs facing the Council Chambers and murmured quietly ‘freedom'. 

One of many Councils targeted across Australia by protestors, the crowd dispersed around midday, with no incident reported.

Around midday the crowd moved from the area and the protest was over.


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31 August 2021

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