Stop Parliament House fence: petition

22 December 2016

Article heading image for FREEDOM, NOT A FENCE

By Renee Bogatko, Image Credit - Eryn Maree/

A petition against putting up a fence around the Parliament House lawns has already attracted hundreds of signatures.

The campaign was started by the Australian Institute of Architects just days after nearly 700 people rolled down the lawns, on what could’ve been their last time.

It was a moment of joy and freedom that united Canberrans.

Organiser Lester Yao hopes the love of rolling will continue, if this petition gets some traction.

“The rooftop lawns allow Australians to walk over the heads of their politicians and are a fundamentally important reminder that parliamentarians are there to serve the people,” he said.

“The fence will destroy this vital symbol of our democracy and tarnish the quintessentially Australian values it embodies.”

Mr Yao is urging people to stand up for democracy and show their support for keeping the lawns of Parliament House open to the people, by signing this petition to #stopthefence!

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