Free Rewards Could Help Vaccinate Over 13 Million Australians


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Clubs Australia has proposed Covid safe Lotto, free bingo and keno as incentives to get Australians vaccinated. 

They have offered their 6413 clubs to the federal government in a suggestion to accelerate the covid vaccine rollout.

The clubs have over 13 million members across Australia and are particularly popular with older Australians.

Covid-19 Outbreaks:

Clubs Australia CEO Josh Landis said,

“Clubs are coming up with all kinds of idea to encourage people vaccinated and we want the government to come onboard to create that hope. Lotteries, bingos, free beers, meals, anything we can do to get people to do the right thing, so we never have to go into lockdown again”.

Think about it as a shot for a shot, after getting the vaccine, the venue rewards you with a drink or some nice grub.   

The plan has currently been submitted to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Covid-19 taskforce commander Lieutenant General John Frewen and is awaiting further action.

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14 July 2021

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