Forget Loaded Fries, You Can Now Build-Your-Own Schnitty

Actually drooling.

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Carb lovers rejoice, yes, the legends at Pizzario Flagstaff Hill are serving a build your own loaded chicken schnitzel.

All you gotta do is download the Pizzario app, create the schnitty of your dreams, and enjoy your personalised taste sensation.

Honestly, need we say more?


It all starts with their famous panko-crumbed 300-gram chicken schnitzel served with chicken salted chips and salad on the side, cause you know, we're all about balance.

Starting with your base, you can choose from either a bbq, tomato or cheese sauce.

From there, you can choose five different kinds of cheese, numerous meats, a range of sauces, pineapple, onion rings … the list goes on.

Once you’ve picked all your toppings, and the team has received your order, they serve it up in a pizza box for you to collect! 

Simples, for more info on this mouth-watering monstrosity, click here.

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24 August 2020

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