Footage Emerges Of The Singleton Truck Crash

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11 October 2017

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Video has emerged of the horrific crash this morning in Singleton, in the Hunter Valley.

A semi-trailer burst into flames after hitting several vehicles and crashing into the Royal Hotel.

It is believed that the semi trailer may have been stolen from a service station earlier today.

Road spikes were deployed to stop the truck, with the officers trailing the vehicle overtaking the truck to deploy the spikes.

"It wasn't so much a pursuit as it was trying to monitor and close down roads as they went along to protect people," Acting Superintendent Rob Post said.

The road spikes weren't enough to stop the truck, and it continued down the New England Highway, clipping a number of cars before crashing into the pub.

Eight people were injured, with at least one person sustaining critical injuries.

The man who is accused of driving the semi-trailer has been walked from hospital by police this afternoon.

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