Food Contamination Police Investigation Underway With More Than 20 Cases In NSW

10-year jail sentence

18 September 2018

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NSW Police have addressed the media after the fruit sabotage which has taken over the nation, confirming that there have been over 20 incidences of sabotage in NSW alone.

Even at the time of the press conference, reports broke of a Brisbane school student biting into a needle concealed in an uncut strawberry inside her school lunch. However, this report has since been confirmed as a fake, with copycats and self-sabotage other issues facing the investigators.

Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty has said that the issue has spread all across NSW, and that attacks are not concentrated in a particular area.

It was also confirmed that there have been isolated incidences of other fruit being contaminated.

"Right across NSW we've had a number of incidences," he said.

"All reports are being investigated. We have now had isolated reports of contamination of a banana and apple in the Sydney area.

"We still don't have any confirmed motivation for why a person would want to do this."

Police have said that any incidences of self contamination or copycat instances will attract consequences, with food contamination offences susceptible to a 10-year jail sentence.

"At the end of the day its an act of treachery against the community," the police spokesman said.

The banana incident was reported yesterday in the Bankstown, with police stating that there are no suspects at the moment, but a lot of information has been received and investigated from Crime Stoppers.

Advice remains to cut up fruit before eating.

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