Flight Centre Considers Legal Action Against WA Government

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Flight Centre is considering launching legal action against the Western Australian Government after its failure to meet initial border reopening plans.

Premier Mark McGowan unveiled the reopening plan for the state last week, which outlined that the border would reopen to all Australians and international travellers once the state hit 90 percent vaccination rate.

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This would prevent travellers from Victoria and NSW from entering the state until that vaccination rate, which is set to be reached in January or February next year.

State leaders had initially agreed to reopen the country once the Australian vaccination rate was 80 percent.

CEO of Flight Centre, Graham Turner told Seven that they are consulting with their legal team to determine whether they will continue with legal action.

“It has been agreed by WA that that’s what they would do, and there is science behind this, science and data, that shows that 80 percent it’s quite safe for the community to open up, and obviously that’s for the Court to decide in the end.”

Mr McGowan defended his roadmap and said waiting until the 90 percent vaccination rate would save lives.

“If we eased our borders earlier at 80 per cent, modelling suggests widespread community transmission would result in far more infections, hospitalisations and deaths”.

At this stage the state requires another 250,000 West Australians to receive two jabs of the vaccine in order to meet the 90 percent rate.

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8 November 2021

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