Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Ice Cream Exists & Tbh, Would Try

My tastebuds are confused.

Lucy O'D

7 February 2018

Lucy O'D

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Flamin' Hot Cheetos ice cream exists in the world because it's 2018 and our tastebuds deserve wild adventures too. 

While we're not lucky enough to have Hot Cheetos on our grocer's shelves down under, there's no denying that the fiery red treat is a world-wide phenomenon. So much so, that an ice creamery in California has decided to create a signature flavour surrounding the snack. 

Drill'd in Fountain Valley, California, are making waves across the internet for their latest signature ice cream 'Hot as Hell', which is vanilla ice cream infused with Hot Cheetos and then, of course - for the 'gram - topped with crushed Hot Cheetos. 


Steve Kim
, co-founder of Drill’d, told Refinery29 that his business partner, Eugene 
Inose, was "whacko" for suggesting the idea, although was quickly sold after he got his first taste. 

"I tried it for the first time, and my taste buds were just so confused in a very good way," he said. 


The ice cream is made with the hottest Cheetos on the market, XXTRA Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, so you can expect a powerful kick!  

According to Steve, however, the hot flavour is balanced out by the creamy dairy of the vanilla ice cream. 

"That’s the thing that’s unique about it... You’re already taking in dairy to soothe the heat, but the heat is still poking at you here and there," he continued. 

On the other hand, if Hot Cheetos ice cream doesn't sound like your jam (fair), their other ice creams look beyond epic too! 


Would you try Hot Cheetos ice cream? Let us know in the Facebook comments! 

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