Five Ways To Have More Fun Than The Kids These School Holidays At Kingpin

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One of the saddest parts about growing up is realising that the average adult doesn't get school holidays multiple times a year.

Yes there are exceptions (hello to all our teacher friends out there), but most of us have to wave goodbye to all those regular breaks after we start working. And once we've got kids and school holidays come back into our lives, everything revolves around our little ones. 

So we're taking a stand. We think it's time to bring back school holiday fun for adults, and we've found the perfect place for you to let your inner child loose! 

That place? It's Kingpin, where there's so many different things to do that you'll feel like a kid again - with the chance to step back and feel like an adult with a drink or too. You probably already know that Kingpin is the place to go for bowling, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much else on offer here.

With their Luxe Holiday Pass available these school holidays, there's no better time to get the royal treatment and head to Kingpin.

Here are five ways you can have more fun than the kids these school holidays at Kingpin:

1. Escape Rooms

You haven't lived until you and your friends have put your wits to the test and worked together to escape from one of Kingpin's Cryptology Escape Rooms! This is perfect for those of you who think you're amateur detectives - it's your chance to actually prove your worth! 

You'll have sixty minutes to work your way through a series of pointers, tasks and clues to try and complete your mission and unlock the door. Can you escape? You'll certainly have fun trying.

Cryptology Escape Rooms are available at Kingpin Chermside, Kingpin Macarthur Square and Kingpin North Strathfield.

2. Karaoke

It's time to free your inner diva, grab hold of a microphone and sing your heart out at Kingpin karaoke! Don't worry about embarrassing yourself in front of strangers - the best thing about this style of karaoke is you get your own private room just for you and your friends. So if you want to sing nothing but Spice Girls all night there's no one to judge you!

You can also get food and drink delivered to your private room, so strap yourselves in for a wild night of living out your popstar dreams.

Kingpin's private karaoke lounges are available at Kingpin Chermside, Kingpin Macarthur Square, Kingpin Darling Harbour, Kingpin Townsville and Kingpin North Strathfield.

3. Laser Tag

If you really want to embrace your inner child, you need to do something that is completely different to your regular daily grind. It's time to enter the arena with your mates and play laser tag! This is a great activity for groups, but you really only need a few friends to make it super fun. Kingpin's living laser tag arena also includes obstacles like war-bots, beacons and targets that add an extra level of competitiveness to your mission.

All that running and hiding leads to a pretty good workout - so you can skip the gym this week.

Laser Tag is available at all Kingpin venues.

4. Bowling

When you're at Kingpin you can't skip bowling! It's what they're known for, and what they do better than anyone else. And this isn't the basic bowling of your youth. Oh no. Kingpin bowling lanes have state of the art BesX technology, which means you can personalise your scores, share them on Facebook and even order food and drink straight to your lane. 

And really, what could be better than showing off your bowling skills to your friends?

Bowling is available at all Kingpin venues. 

5. Burger and Cocktails

All those activities have probably got you feeling a little hungry, right? There's no need to go anywhere else, because everything is right here at Kingpin. 

From gourmet burgers to fried chicken, crispy prawn tacos to a super healthy salad bowls, there's really something for everyone. And best of all you can wash it all down with a cheeky cocktail from the extensive drinks menu or enjoy a beer with your mates! 


So what are you waiting for? Find out more HERE and get yourself down to your local Kingpin.

This editorial is proudly sponsored by Kingpin.

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12 July 2019

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