Five Secret Swimming Holes In South Australia!

Perfect to explore this Summer!

18 April 2019

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Want to swim somewhere other than the beach? Maybe one of these swimming holes is the right spot for you…

Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park

Location: 32km SE of Mount Gambier

Snorkel through this amazing underwater world. If you’re brave enough (and have the right equipment) you can dive into a huge underwater cavern called The Cathedral.




Ewen Ponds Conservation Park

Location: 36km south of Mount Gambier

These spring-fed limestone ponds are another one perfect for snorkelers and divers. Three 10m deep basin shaped ponds are connected by channels which you can swim along.




Whalers Way

Location: Whalers Way Rd, Sleaford, SA

You’ll need to stop by the Port Lincoln Visitor Centre for a car access permit and key hire before heading to Whalers Way. There’s a swimming hole amongst the rockpools that can only by reached by a short climb.  




Pool of Siloam

Location: Beachport

This salt lake is seven times saltier than the sea – which makes the water extremely buoyant!




Dalhousie Springs

Location: Witjira National Park

Head to the edge of the Simpson Desert for an unexpected swimming experience. The temperature ranges from 38 to 43 degrees in these natural hot springs!




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