Five New Cases Discovered In Victoria Within 24 Hours

With hundreds of people in isolation

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As Victoria enter their second lockdown five new cases have been confirmed within the past 24 hours from over 36,000 tests. 

Five new local infections have been discovered within 24 hours, three of which are primary contacts of already known cases. 

As primary links to known cases, the infected people are assumed to have been isolating to lower the risk of infection to the rest of the community.

Three of the confirmed cases have been linked to known outbreaks while two others are yet to be linked. 

70 cases in total have now been linked back to Victoria's initial outbreak, with one full recovery. 

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The news follows the discovery of the Indian covid variant 'Delta' within the Victorian community, with health officials still scrambling to discover the source of the concerning outbreak. 

One of the Delta cases has been identified as construction worker for Probuild, a company which has construction sites throughout the CBD. 

The work site the infected employee worked has since been put into lockdown, with a further 170 people sent into compulsory isolation. 

So far, the Delta strain has been found across two families, totalling 9 people including four kids. 

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Georgie Marr

5 June 2021

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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