First Person Charged Under Carly's Law In SA

Just 15 And Lured To Her Death

Emma Charlton

9 August 2017

Emma Charlton

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The first person's been charged under Carly's Law in SA.

The 35 year old from the north-eastern suburbs is accused of posing as a teenage girl to groom and abuse kids.

The convicted sex offender is the first person in SA to be arrested under the law, named after Carly Ryan.

Carly was 15 when she was killed by a 50 year old predator pretending to be an 18 year old musician, the first Australian to be killed as a result of being groomed online.

She was lured to Port Elliot Beach in 2007 by the man she'd spent 18 months chatting with online, believing he was someone else.

Carly's Law passed in Federal Parliament on June 16, 2017; targeting predators who lie about their age and giving Police the power to act.

Australian Federal Police Commander Lesa Gale, Manager Victim Based Crime, said the new legislation was fundamental to Police being able to prevent crime and protect children from harm.

'We are unwavering in our commitment to take all necessary action to protect children from sexual exploitation', Commander Gale said.

'I must acknowledge Carly’s mother, Sonya Ryan, who has endured the ultimate pain of losing a child at the hands of an online predator'.

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