Firewood Black-Market Damaging Natural Eco-System

Buyers beware

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Sourcing and selling illegal firewood in Tasmania has become a massive problem for buyers but also for the forests that people are illegally taking it from.

Illegitimate loggers are going into forests and illegally stripping them of firewood to sell to the general public which is impacting native species and important invertebrates that form our eco-system.

Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Officer Mark Fordham chatted to Brian about the serious damage that the illegal firewood business is causing to our state.

He says that a massive issue is the new tracks that are being pushed into forests which are also encouraging other people to do other things in parts of the bush that aren’t supposed to be used.

This is a state-wide problem but the hotspots are generally in forests that are closet to populated cities where the demand for firewood is higher.

Fordham states that the best way to avoid buying from illegal firewood suppliers is to ask for a tax invoice with their ABN number on it.

“If they are hesitant of giving you a proper tax receipt then there is a fair chance that they are not paying tax and they don’t want that income to be recorded.”

“Often you will see on gumtree oh it is bone dry firewood blah blah blah, it arrives in your yard … from a green tree and it is an inferior product simply because it is going to burn poorly it is going to burn really dirty and there is no guarantee that you are actually getting what you ordered.”

Fordham’s advice to people buying firewood is to go to registered business or to check if they can give you tax invoice when purchasing the goods.

If people follow these guidelines it will help them avoid getting scammed, stop the illegal firewood industry and protect our natural environment.

Chelsea Wilde

31 July 2020

Article by:

Chelsea Wilde

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